What happens when a wedding planner gets engaged.......

What happens when a wedding planner gets engaged? She blogs about it of course! Well, that isn't all of course, but I can't let the cat or cats, out of the bag.

How did I know a simple trip to the Big Apple would end up being one of the best days ever?!?! My fiancé (I'm still getting use to not calling him boyfriend) and I, arrived in the city and the first thing we did was go ice skating. Actually, we went to the bathroom, but no one cares about that. Rockefeller was closed that day because of the tree lighting, so we went to Bryant Park, which has an awesome tree as well.

As we were skating we decided we wanted to get our picture taken in front of the tree. We asked one of the workers if he would take our picture. He took one and my fiancé bent over and was playing with what I thought as his skate. I told him to stop fixing it because the guy was trying to take our picture. He told me he loved me and I told him to stand up so he can take our picture! I look again and he pulls a little black box out of his SOCK! The rest is a whirlwind and I felt like I was in a movie. People were clapping and cheering......I even teared up a bit. My fiancé had pulled off the most perfected sweetest and romantic proposal!

I didn't know a day in my favorite place, with my favorite guy, and favorite time of year could get any better, but it did!! I also, now check his socks for surprises.