I Have A Venue Coordinator So Why Would I Need A Wedding Coordinator?

Often times a venue provides a Venue Coordinator. However, a Venue Coordinator handles things just for the venue. Brides typically don't understand the difference between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Coordinator. Often times, they think of they have a Venue Coordinator, a Wedding Planner isn't needed. The roles of these titles/ positions are different.

As previously mentioned, the Venue Coordinator handles things on behalf of the venue. A Wedding Coordinator is there to take care of the bride. They help with the planning of the activities and the timeline, such as; the first dance, cutting of the cake, etc..A Wedding Planner is there to help makes sure things run smoothly for you and that you have everything you need, a Venue Coordinator is there for the venue, and may not stay at the reception for long. Also, the Wedding Coordinator will contact the vendors for your big day and find out their arrival time etc.. Also, a Wedding Coordinator will help with the wedding rehearsal and ceremony, showing the bridal party the proper way to line up, when to walk down the aisle, and ease nerves. With past experiences, some venues have high turnover rates when it comes to this position, meaning you may work with 2 or 3 different coordinators by the time you your wedding day arrives. With a Wedding Coordinator, you are guaranteed to have the same person to rely on.

Both coordinators are useful and bring different things to the table. It just depends on what suits the bride better. Not every couple has the budget to hire a Wedding Planner. For those on a tight budget, many planners offer sessions to answer questions, so that couples have the chance to get professional advice from wedding professionals. I personally offer what I like to call "Bridal Counseling" sessions. When meeting with a Venue Coordinator, make sure you ask what their role is exactly and what they will help with. Each venue is different. Some may do more than others, but make sure you know what to expect.