5 Things To Do Now That You're Engaged

1.) Toast:

You and your love just got engaged, have a toast! Whether, it's just you and your fiancé, or your family & friends. It's a time to celebrate!

2.) Nails:

Make sure your nails are done and looking spiffy! Your ring is going to be the center of attention for awhile, so it's important your nails look good!

3.) Engagement Photos:

Get those pics done while you still have that just engaged glow. Even if it's just a mini session to show off your love for each other and that bling of course!

4.) Engagement Party/Dinner:

Have a party! This is definitely an occasion worth celebrating! Don't want a big party? Have an Engagement Dinner with family and a few close friends.

5.) Enjoy It:

Most importantly enjoy your engagement! Being engaged is a special time for you and your fiancé, cherish it!! Many couples rush into planning their wedding. Take some time to enjoy life together as a freshly engaged couple!