Benefits Of A Small Guest List

Having a small guest list has it's perks. Many couples have trouble devising a guest list and are concerned with not leaving anyone out, or hurting anyone's feelings. Surprisingly, when you have a smaller guest list you have more options and there are positive effects in doing so.

A small guest list allows for a more intimate feeling and atmosphere.  Keeping the list to just family and close friends allows you to spend time with those who are near and dear to you. Having a smaller guest list also leaves time for more fun! There will be shorter receiving lines and less tables to go around and thank. Therefore, you will have time for more fun things like enjoying your dinner and dancing.

A smaller guest list also leaves more flexibility with the menu.  Having fewer guest to pay the caterers for, may mean being able to splurge on that surf n turf. Maybe that extra cash can go towards your favorite flowers or that awesome DJ you really like. The options are endless.

Another benefit to an intimate wedding is more décor options.  Hanging those twinkle lights isn't as easy as it seems. Since you've saved moola on having a small guest list, you can hire a professional to hang lights for you, leaving you without the hassle. If you want to do some extra decorating now you can!

There are multiple benefits to having a small and intimate wedding. An intimate atmosphere, vendor flexibility, and extra décor options are a few amongst the list of benefits. Happy Planning! :)