Three Reasons To Go To Smaller Bridal Shows

Ah, bridal shows. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. Ok, well maybe you're in the middle. I mean who doesn't love all the free samples from caterers and bakers?! Either way, I know that this is a normal and sometimes fun part of the wedding planning process. With, so many options, how do you decide which shows to go to?

Many brides are drawn to the larger bridal shows. You know, the ones with thousand dollar cash prizes and vacation giveaways. Now, don't get me wrong,I'm not knocking it because those are awesome prizes. Picture this though, you're not the only bride going to that show. Chances are, you're one in hundreds hoping for that dream honeymoon. Smaller bridal shows don't usually have those grand prizes, but they have fewer brides attending. Which, increases your odds of winning one of those cool prizes.

Secondly, when attending a smaller bridal show, you'll get a wider variety of vendors. Many wedding professionals don't want to pay $500 for a booth at a show. Those vendors that don't mind paying this, are probably the ones repeatedly doing the larger shows. Smaller shows, usually charge less for a booth, therefore, attracting various kinds of vendors.

Thirdly, when you're not competing with hundreds of other brides to get around and see vendors, you have time to actually talk to them! When there isn't so much pressure to keep moving, you can look at the work these professionals have done before, as well as, get to ask them questions. You'll be able to find out more about them, their personality, and the services they offer.

So, there you have it! Three SIMPLE reasons to give those smaller bridal shows a try! Don't limit yourself. Give it all a try! You'll be able to find lots of inspiration and ideas, as well as, meet a lot of super awesome wedding professionals, who can help make your big day extra special!

Happy Planning!