Honeymoon Registries

Everyone is familiar with the traditional wedding registry. In today's society, many couples cohabitate before getting married or are older and already have many household items. In tat case honeymoon registries may be a great alternative to the traditional wedding registry.

Each year the honeymoon registry becomes increasingly popular. This type of registry is great for the couples who already have their household essentials. The honeymoon registry can be for a specific destination already decided on  or used towards a honeymoon that isn't planned yet.

Some may claim these types of registries to be tacky and give the impression of just asking for money.  However, a typical honeymoon registry is an account where a guest can purchase a part of honeymoon for the couple.  If you feel as though your guests might be turned off to this idea, you can create a separate registry.

So, if you are stocked up on your household essentials, skip the blender and create a honeymoon registry!