Questions To Ask Your Venue

Image by Alexis Brooke Photography

Image by Alexis Brooke Photography

Planning an event is a BIG deal! So many questions to be asked! Each venue is different as is each couple. So, how do you know which questions to ask? Of course,  couples will have different questions and concerns, but here is a generic list to help get the juices flowing:

How many events do you have the same day?

Smaller venues typically will just have one event each day, but larger venues may have multiple events going on at  a time. Even if you're not the only event happening at the venue that day, it's important that you're treated as though you are. Making sure the venue has enough staff to cover more than one event is super important. It's crucial that there is someone there to handle an questions or issues that arise. This leads to my next point......

Who is your person of contact?

The venue should have someone dedicated to answering your questions and dealing with concerns. The venue coordinator should be available to help square things away with the venue, venue setup, and be available during the party.

When are we able to setup?

It's crucial the venue allows you enough time to setup. Make sure that the time you are given is enough time to get everything done. Get that time put in writing. That way you have something to fall back on in case someone forgets. If you are only allotted a few hours time before your event to setup, make sure the venue can supply enough staff to get their part of the setup done in efficient time. Often times, if the venue does not have their setup complete, this may disrupt the rest of the decorating process. Such as, allowing the florist to get the centerpieces on the tables in time etc..

What if it rains?

Maybe the venue you've chosen is an outdoor venue. Make sure the venue has a backup plan for the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception  in case of rain.

Where can we get ready?

Most venues will have a bridal suite or other designated area for the bridal party to get ready. If your venue does not, you will need to know in order to plan where to get ready. If your hair and makeup team will travel, they need to know where to meet you. With the option of a bridal suite you will given a place to relax before the nuptials.


Of course, this is just a simplified and compressed list of important questions for you to consider asking your venue. Each couple and venue is unique. Different couples will have different ideas and questions. This is a great list to get you started to finding the perfect venue!