How To Pull Off A Great Toast

You've been asked to be the Best Man or Maid of Honor. YAY! It's such an honor! There are always a few duties that come along with the title. One of which, is of course giving the toast. Here are a few pointers to help make your toast successful:

STAND UP: Always stand up when giving a toast. Wait until the end to pick up your glass.

KEEP IT SHORT & SWEET: Keep your speech short, simple, & sweet. A long speech could make guests antsy.

FOCUS ON THE OCCASION: Don't talk about yourself. Stayed focused on the person & the occasion.

KEEP IT PERSONAL: Make sure it's personal, but tell the story to everyone so that they're in the loop.

NO INSIDE JOKES: When giving the toast you're not only talking to one person, but an audience. An inside joke may leave the audience confused.

SKIP THE EMBARRASSING STORIES: Humor is good, but keep it light & positive.

FOLLOW A STRUCTURE: Organize your speech. Begin by introducing yourself and how you know the bride or groom. Give sentimental words to the couple. Remind guests when to raise their glasses for the toast.

Last, but not least PRACTICE!