Wedding Guest Etiquette

Hello friends! So, we've talked about wedding etiquette for the bride & groom, but what about guest etiquette? I've been planning my own wedding and it's brought a lot of light to the situation. Being in the industry, I've always known the do's and don'ts, but it's become "personal", for lack of a better word lately. If you want to be the best guest (and yes, this includes you too parents and bridal party) here a few simple tips to keep in mind:

1. Don't assume you can bring a date. Unless you invite says "and guest", you should be the only one attending. Don't call the couple either to ask if you can bring a date. If it was I their budget, they would've extended the invite to a plus one.

2. DO RSVP. Make sure you're aware of the deadline on the invitation. If you know your reply, send it in the mail as soon as possible. If you know you can't attend, you still need to send back your RSVP.

3.Be on time. The average wedding starts 15 minutes late. That doesn't mean you should be 15 minutes late. You should actually be 15 minutes earlier then the time on the invitation.

4. Turn off your phone: Don't interrupt the couples vowels with a loud ringtone. This would also be a good time to say do not get in the photographers way  while trying to get photos with your iPhone. Your intentions are good, but the couple hired a professional, let them do their job. Trust me, the couple will be happy when they get their photos back and don't see you in them with your phone.

5. Pay attention to the dress code. You never want to be underdressed for a wedding. Even if it's casual, always wear a dress or suit. A good decision maker is to dress for the venue. My own personal pet peeve is when people wear jeans to a wedding. Never ever wear jeans to a wedding! It's a special occasion, it's time to dress up and celebrate!

6. Most importantly, DON'T WEAR WHITE! This one should honestly go without saying. Unfortunately, I've seen a guest at every wedding breaking this rule. If you hesitate and think you're dress is too close to white or whatever color the bride is wearing, choose something different. Better safe than sorry!

These are only a few rules to guest etiquette, but they are some big ones! Follow these, and the couple will be glad to have you! Trust me, they have their hands full with all the planning and will be grateful if you ensure you hold up your end of the bargain as the guest.


Angelica Waltman

Owner & Lead Consultant of Angelica Waltman Events

Serving Bloomsburg, PA and beyond